Have some questions? We’ve got the answers. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we get.

Do your Arancini come fresh or frozen?

 All our Arancini are made fresh each week.

What ingredients do you use?

Melbourne Arancini use only the finest fresh ingredients, and all our products are made fresh each week.

For more detail, you can download our list of ingredients.

Can I freeze the Arancini?

Yes absolutely, you can freeze the Arancini for up to 3 months.

How do I cook the Arancini?

All our Arancini are Oven Ready or perfect in an AirFryer- heat & serve-

200’c for 15-20mins

Do I need to pre-order?

We recommended pre ordering by Thursday so you don’t miss out on a particular flavour. Alternatively you can just turn up

Can I mix different flavours in each box?

Yes you can

What days are you open?

Our Tullamarine shop is open direct to the public 2 days a week

Friday 11am-2pm

Saturday 10am-2pm

Why are you only open 2 days a week?

It takes time to produce our handcrafted Arancini

We have one production run each week, which is a 4 day process to produce our quality award winning fresh Arancini.

All of our stockist received Fresh Arancini every Friday

What is the cutoff time for home delivery orders each week?

The cutoff for home delivery orders each week is 10am Thursday.

Can you deliver to my suburb?

Check out our Next Day Delivery Partners page for delivery information

Do you have vegan options available?

Yes, see our product range and you can filter by clicking the vegan tab. Click here

Do you have gluten free arancini?

We have a couple of gluten free options, see our products page.

What are your payment methods?

INSTORE- Cash or Card available

HOME DELIVERY- Cash on delivery or Direct Bank Deposit

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